Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Announcing Trenton Isaac Fawcett!

Trenton Isaac Fawcett was born on Thursday evening. He was 7lbs 4 oz and 20 in long. On Halloween I went to the doctors for my weekly check up and I had not progressed at all from the week before. Ben was getting anxious and I was getting rather uncomfortable so I had him strip my membranes to move things along (if you don't know what that means don't feel bad because I didn't either unitl a few months ago). All that day I walked around with minor contractions, but I had been having that for almost 3 weeks so I didn't think much about it. Then at 2 in the morning I felt a drop so I hurry and stood up out of bed and my water broke. I've never seen Ben wake up so quickly. After waking up my mom and cleaning up we headed off to the hospital. my contractions picked up fast and were 2 min apart, but they slowed down once I got in bed. Ben's parents got to the hospital around 5 and the waiting game began. I didn't get my epidural for awhile because I hear they slow labor down. So around 11 I got my epidural when the contractions got bad. By 3 I was so sick of just chillin in bed. Also my epidural wore off in my lower back and I was in a lot of pain. I got a shot of liticain and that helped A LOT, but only lasted for a little over an hour befor my left side regained feeling. Then they gave me a shot of something else and it helped a little but then I started pushing at 5 and was in a lot of pain. I don't know why people go with out an epidural "just to say they did it with out one", I'm sorry but that is just dumb to put yourself through that pain for pride reasons. I've heard people say they don't get one because you recover faster, or you feel closer and more connected with your baby and that I can understand and I say more power to you. Anyway at 6:25 our little man was born and he came out very healthy looking. It was a good thing he came out when he did because I felt like punching the docotor and the nurses because for an hour and a half they kept saying "Good job, you are almost there." An hour and a half of hearing that when you are in major pain gets quite annoying, but that is besides the point. Trenton came out healthy looking and didn't even cry at first. Just came out with wide eyes and taking in the world. He did fuss after about 30 seconds when they were cleaning him off but he stopped once they laid him on my chest. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. We stayed at the hospital until Saturday morning and then came home. The first night home he woke up every hour and a half, but the next night he slept in 3 hour stretches and now he is sleeping in 4 hour stretches so I can not complain at all. My favorite things about him are: he only cries when getting his diaper changed. He does get fussy in the evening because of an upset tummy, but nothing too bad. He loves to lay on people's tummys to sleep, especially his daddy's. He makes funny cute noises all the time He always puts his hands around his face which usually results in him holding his binki in all by himself. Ben and I love having this little bundle of joy with us and wouldn't change it for the world. It also has been very helpful to have my mom here helping us out. Very thankful to her for that.


  1. yessssss! you're amazing!! Noelle and I need to come visit ASAP, we'll txt you and set up a time :)

  2. Awww...congrats guys! What a cute little boy! Can't wait to see more pictures!