Thursday, November 21, 2013


This summer we went camping a few times and it was a lot of fun! We love camping! One of the times we went was over my birthday weekend, BEST birthday present ever! I am really bad at remembering my camera and so I only have pictures of one of our camping trips.
There is no zoom on this picture. This deer walked in and out of our campground both nights we were there.

We went and visited Jackson hole on one day

It was so hard to stop this kid from eating dirt and rocks

We went with some of our friends, the Free's. Ben and Joe went fishing while the rest of us "played" in the water. It was ice cold so we mainly played in the rocks.

We tuckered the kids out

Trenton loves camping!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trenton's first time to Hawaii

So it has taken me two months to get around to writing this blog because the pictures are on the laptop we don't use too often so I kept forgetting to write, my bad! Anyway, we went to Hawaii in May, just after Trenton turned 6 months and we had a blast! Our flight unfortunately was delayed by 8 hours so our trip was kind of cut off by one day, but that is alright. Trenton was a champ on the plane and fussed very little. The first week there was a quiet week where we relaxed and swam at the beach and pool. Trenton was not a huge fan of the water at first, but then after he got used to the temperature he liked it. After a few days he learned not to scream when he first got in, he just whimpered till he got used to it. He got so comfortable in the float grandma got, that he fell asleep in the water more than once :) Boy does Trenton LOVE sand. At first I let him eat it just to get a picture, but then I could not get him to stop! Every time we looked away from him for a second, he would grab a big ol' handful and stick it in his mouth. His preference was just to face plant and eat it that way ;) We went to Turtle Beach to see all the sea turtles and my mom kinda got in a fight with the "Honu Police". Haha they are just self appointed tree huggers that rope off the turtles (for those of you who don't know it is illegal to touch sea turtles) so tourists don't touch them. Well we wanted a picture up kind close so we went around towards where the waves were breaking so there was no rope and got our picture that way. We did not touch there turtle, not even close, but the "Honu Police" lady came and asked us to move and we went to move cause we got our picture, but my mom who can't stand how uptight they are got in a little argument with her, but nothing big. Then some Japanese couple did the same thing as us and the lady blamed my mom for it and it started all over again. Haha.

Our first morning there (we were up at 4 am due to time change. This was at 6ish)


walk on Kahuku beach

One day we heard this really weird noise so we went to go see what it was and it was a PEACOCK! Then the next day 4 more peacocks (technically peahens since the were girls the second day) showed up. In the 11 years of living there this was a first. (did you know the can fly? Not for very long, but they can.)

First time swimming
He fell asleep shortly after getting used to the water


Turtle beach (see not even that close to the turtle)

And some other pics taken through out the week
Laying on daddy while watching tv
He fell asleep on our walk and we wanted him to stay asleep

Peek a boo with Grandpa. No one can get him to laugh like Grandpa can.


The second (and last) week there my sister, Marissa, and her family came and it was so much fun! I was so used to seeing my sister and her family at least 5+ times a year when they lived in Provo, but then they moved to Arizona and I have only been able to see them a few times. So having them there was awesome! Trenton loved his cousins! The first time he met them he was 6 weeks old so it was a lot of fun to see him interact with them. He learned so much from watching Taiven (who was 14 months at the time). He went from not even really rolling too much to being able to scoot backwards and almost forward. He then was crawling a month later. Kalei adored him and loved play with him. Tavita liked to talk to him and play. Brayden was a close second to getting him to laugh as much as Grandpa could.

Fun week with cousins

The poly kids

And Trenton glows! (Before they came we were saying that he was tanning up quite nice. HA!)

He didn't mind being buried cause he had sand!

Look at that cute smile!

Hey guys! Just chillin in a hole
Story time with Grandpa

Taiven wasn't sure what to think of Trenton

He sometimes got a little annoyed with him

Morning cuddles with cousin Kalei

Getting tickles

Chillin in the pool

Our last full day there we hiked the Makapu'u light house and boy was it hot! It was sad cause Tavita was sick, but it worked out because we had brought a stroller for Kalei, but she didn't trust anyone to push her and thought we would go toppling off the side (coming from the girl who thought her mom was going to push her off the side of a staircase to go flying down because she didn't see a glass wall) so Tavita was able to ride in the stroller. It was a really pretty hike and a lot of fun

It was really bright and he fell asleep

The crew

So tired! Poor Tavita was burning up and when we took his temp it was 102

We got to hang out with Junior (Marissa's hubby) for one day so we had to grab a quick picture!
And we also didn't have a good family picture so we took this one at the point (who needs a photographer when you have a self timer?)