Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our very eventful lives

So I haven't written in awhile because of school, but the good news is, I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL!!! Ben is done till January, but I graduated with my associates degree and will be going to massage therapy school in a while. Ben and I have moved down to Blackfoot since we are done with school. I am living with his parents and he is living next door at his grandparents. Ben is having a fun time having to drive an hour to and from work everyday...NOT. I will be joining him in those lovely hour drive to and from Rexburg next week. Ben and I got the apartment we were wanting. It is a place called Cougar Court and it is 800 something sq feet, 2 bedroom, a decent sized kitchen, a big bathroom, and a fair sized living room all for a reasonable price so we are happy. There isn't much else going on in our lives except for we are down to 2 months and a week before we are married and we can't wait!