Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby Fawcett is on his/her way!!!

At the end of February Ben kept asking me to take a pregnancy test because I was showing signs of being pregnant. I told him that the test wouldn't show anything for sure for another couple of days but I decided to take it to make him happy. After taking it we went to look at the results and it showed nothing. Not negative or positive. I figured that's what we get for buying Walmart brand of a pregnancy test. The next morning I woke up for work (3:30 in the morning) and I glanced at the garbabge for no reason and saw the test was positive and I started freaking out. I scared Ben to death and we decided that I would take another test after work. The second test showed up positive in two seconds. After doing the math I guessed the baby to be due at the end of November. Ben guessed the beginning of November. Well we just went to the doctors today for our 8 week appointment and after getting poked and prodded I was told I was 11 weeks and 6 days. So Ben was right of hoping and I was wrong because I was told how to calculate how far along you are, wrong. So our little guy/girl is due November 1!! I am happy that I am 11/12 weeks along because I am not getting fat at 8 weeks for no reason and also that it is not twins. I was sooo happy when I only saw one baby! Ben is disappointed but he has been right on everything else in this pregnancy so I get to be right for once. Haha. We are super excited and cannot wait for the baby to come. We are moving into a town home (just renting) May 2 so that way we don't have to move at all for the rest of our time in Rexburg. Ben also wanted me to include that there are polygamists that go to our doctor's office. Haha. That is what's new in the Fawcett's life :) Here are some pics of the little one. He/she has chubby cheeks :)

Also luckily I have not really had morning sickness too bad, I am just extremely tired ALL THE TIME!