Friday, November 30, 2012


Trenton is 1 month already! Well tomorrow that is, but close enough. It is crazy how fast time goes. He is already around 9lb 4 oz (2lbs more than birth weight). I just weighed myself and then held him and weighed myself again so I don't know how accurate it is. He has already out grown newborn diapers and a pack of his newborn onsies. He is quickly growing out of his newborn clothes which makes me sad because some of his cutest outfits are newborn. But I am excited with what comes with a baby getting older. He is awake more often and can keep eye contact better. He is lifting up his head quite a bit. Ben and I just want him to start smiling already :) Trenton already has quite the personality. His likes are: His binki. It is like the end of the world to him if his binki falls out. He doesn't cry, but he fusses really bad. He likes sleep, but also likes to fight sleep. Kind of a difficult thing, but once he is asleep he will sleep for hours if he is on his stomach and for almost as long if he is on his side. He likes to sleep on our bed. He likes to sleep on his daddy's chest. He loves to grunt and squeak. I've never known a baby to make so much noise. It is very entertaining. He likes getting his hair washed. He gets very relaxed when we wash his hair. He LOVES music, ecspecially primary songs with Christmas a close second. He instantly calms down as soon as I start singing to him or we start playing music. He likes to pass gas like an old man. He has let some go that could give any full grown adult a run for their money. It is gonna be embarassing when we start to bring him out places because no one is going to believe that it was the baby. And lastly he likes the lights on Christmas trees. He just lays there totally calm and stares at them. His dislikes are: sleeping on his back. He will wake up in a few minutes if he is asleep on his back. He HATES bath time, except for his hair getting washed. He does not like to get his diaper changed. He does not like to sleep in his cradle. If he is not in the deepest sleep possible, he will wake up as within 2 minutes of putting him in there. I don't let him sleep on our bed till after 6am because I don't want him to be that baby that sleeps in our bed till he's 2 or 3. And I swear this kid has a built in clock because he starts fussing every morning between 6 and 6:15, even if he just ate at 5. He falls asleep the secong I pull him into bed with us unless he is hungry. For the most part he is a pretty chill kid. He has his times where he has to be held, but he is pretty content with laying by himself just as long as he has his binki. The only thing that has me worried about him is that he chokes often (3-6 times a day.) The doctor said that if he keeps it up we need to bring him in to get checked for reflux problems. Hopefully it will go away though. All in all Ben and I love Trenton to know end. He is the greatest blessing in our lives and we are so happy to have him in our lives!

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  1. cute cute cute! Noelle and I need to come visit you guys!