Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One CRAZY weekend

It all started with Tyler's (my brother) wedding. He got married on the 15th of December. So on the 14th we headed on down to Utah. My dad got 2 hotel rooms, with living rooms, for the family in Salt Lake so we would be close to the temple in the morning and we also could have a little family Christmas party since a lot of the family would be there. Ben and I were in charge of bringing our Christmas tree (a fake one) and stuff to cook dinner with. So that in itself took up quite a bit of room. But it is AMAZING how much room a little tiny baby takes up in the car. First you have the bulky car seat. Then you have their stroller, pack and play, blankets, diapers, wipes, and lots of clothes just in case they pee out or poop out. So it was entertaining trying to pack up our little car. Ben and I were the first to arrive at the hotel so we checked in for the family and dropped off our VERY VERY full car. We then ran over to the airport to pick up my brothers Ryan and Jason. Their wives and kids were unfortunately unable to make it. Then back to the hotel we went and set up the tree because we thought the rest of the family would be there in the next hour or two, but they were not. My mom and dad had to finish up their Christmas shopping so they were not able to make it up in time for my mom to make the dinner she had planned so we ended up getting pizza instead. My sister, Marissa, and her husband, Junior, got a late start so they didn't get to Provo till later than planned and Marissa still had to make the wedding cake. Tyler and Michelle (his wife) were late too and so everyone got to Salt Lake a little later than planned, but we still had a fun time and ended they night having ice cream at Leatherby's (best ice cream in Utah). The next morning we actually did not do too bad in getting ready in time and to the temple in time. We were only a little late wich is really really good for our family. The wedding was beautiful and it was awesome to see Tyler get married in the temple bceause that makes 6 out of 6 of us married in the temple wich is awesome! Michelle is an awesome girl and gets along with the family well. Here is a picture I stole off of her facebook After the temple we packed our car full again and started down to Provo for the Luncheon, but unfortunately 15-20 minutes into our drive Tyler calls up telling us to turn around because we somehow ended up with his bag in our car and they had his car keys in them. So that added about 40 minutes to the drive so we and the Bride and Groom were almost an hour late to the luncheon, but it is all good cause that's just how our family is :) The reception was held that night and it was a lot of fun (minus a candle freakishly falling over and spilling wax all over Ben. Luckily he wasn't hurt, but no one knows how the candle fell.) The next morning we were supposed to head home, but unfortunately we had to drive down to Arizona for a funeral. About a week before we got a very sad call from my mom saying that my sister in law Janica lost her baby at almost 5 months along. So we carpooled with my parents andleft Sunday morning and got to Mesa late Sunday night. Woke up early Monday to Trenton not breathing very well because he got a stuffy nose. Spent all of Monday morning driving around Mesa and Tempe getting ready for the funeral. The funeral was just a graveside service with the family and it was one of the most spiritual/saddest experiences of my life that made all of the driving with a newborn COMPLETLY worth it. The spirit was so strong and the spirit of little Fenton Lila could not have been stronger. Although we are really sad that we never got to meet her in this life, we are glad to know that she made it straight back to living with our Heavenly Father. They had a great quote on the program that I loved. It said, "The best way to have Heaven in your home is to have someone from your home in Heaven." I loved that quote and it has become my new favorite. After the funeral I could just see that Jonathan and Janica were more at peace. Afterward we had a little lunch/dinner get together with both sides of the family. Then that night we left Mesa drove to Las Vegas and slept in a hotel for no joke 3 hours. That is it because we had to get to Salt Lake for my Dad to make his 12:50pm flight. We picked up our car in Provo, drove up to Salt Lake where my Dad dropped off his van at the car rental place. Ben hurried and drove my dad to the airport while I emptied out the van. I got the van totally emptied and the carried a suitcase, duffle bag, a bunch of presents and a baby in a car seat up to the building to turn in the keys and THEY HAD LEFT! They knew we were there, but the left for lunch!! (It is a really small car rental place where there is only one or two workers at a time) I was so annoyed. It would have been fine if it wasn't 10 degrees outside. So I carried it all back to the van and chilled in the van till ben got back where we loaded up his car and by then the people had come back. By then we were starving and were looking for not fast food. We couldn't agree on anything but Denny's and we could not find one for the life of us even though I know they are all over Utah. We ended up eating at McDonalds (so healthy and non fast food right?) Then we headed on home and by the time we reached Blackfoot we were soooooo tired that we just spent the night at Ben's parents. The next day we headed home so Ben could get to work and we were FINALLY home after the longest 5 days of our lives. Trenton was as good as a 6 week old can be for 36ish plus hours of driving in 5 days. He would cry really hard because his car seat would make him super super sweaty. But what can you expect out of a him? It was all worth it though to see family, support family, see friends, and make memories :) This is what we looked like on the way down to AZ, imagine how we looked by the time we got home!