Monday, February 13, 2012

Jon & Janinca's wedding

About a month ago Ben and I drove down to Arizona for my older bro's wedding. It was a ton of fun. We spent Christmas with Ben's family and so I was really happy to be able to see all my family and some extended family too. I was able to see some friends that I hadn't seen in years so it was really fun. Also we, yes including Ben, really enjoyed the perfect weather! If only it could be like that year round then I could convince Ben to move to Mesa. Haha. That will never happen, he dies if it gets over 80 degrees. Anyway I was so happy to see Jon and Janica get married. They are THE perfect couple. They are so cute and happy together. The day of was quite amusing though. Jon forgot his temple recommend and lost his wedding ring (don't worry Janica just took a bolt and made it into a ring because they both knew Jon would lose his multiple times through out his life so they will just keep making him 10 cent rings. Haha) Ryan went back to Jon's house and luckily found his recommend and Jon borrowed a friends wedding ring for the actual ceremony. It was beautiful and it was so nice to see the two married for time and all eternity. Here is the happy couple coming out of the temple. .
Then the adorable nephews and nieces all matching
It was awesome to see friends and family and awesome to see these two married. I love Janica to death. She is the best thing for Jon and she gets along with everyone so well. And yes we now have a Jon & Janica along with a Jason & Jenica and then there is me with another J name. Another sign that Janica just belongs in our family. Haha

Our wedding

I know I didn't ever post about our wedding but that is just sooo many pictures to upload. But I will say that it was awesome and beautiful and I loved it so much. We got married on the perfect day, it was the last warm weekend of the year. It was beautiful and sunny and the next weekend it snowed. Good timing? I think so. I will post my favorite picture that was taken that day though.

And this is Ben's favorite picture of the day.

We went on a cruise to Mexico for our honeymoon. It was a ton of fun. I don't have any pictures of it though because I don't know where the sd card is from the trip. (I'm not so great on the whole picture taking thing and keeping track of them). But to say the least it was fun and amazing and WARM! I am really missing the warmth about now even though it has been an exceptionaly warm winter.
So that was our wedding in a nutshell. If you want to see all the wedding pictures they are on Ben's facebook and quite a few on mine. Sorry I am so lazy :P I really need to get better at this whole blogging thing.