Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dirty Dash!

This past weekend we went down to Utah to run in what is called the Dirty Dash. It is a 5k run (felt like 5 miles and we honestly think it was 3 1/2-4 miles) through a bunch of mud and obstacles. You start running straight up hill in mud and by the top of the hill everyone was walking. We kept going and there were a bunch of hay bales that we had to jump over and for one of them a girl knocked me over and I have a gnarly bruise from it. Then we crawled through muddy rocky pipes and got our legs all cut up. We then had to jump over walls that were in the middle of huge mud puddles. We then had a long dry run and I then realized my shoes were busted through the toe but we kept going. Then we had to go through this nasty nasyt swampy muddy area. By the end of this we were dying. My ankle was killing me and Ben's knee was killing him. We still were not done though. We had to run through a bunch of tires and then we were so close to the end. The very end we had to run up a hill and at the top of the hill where my sister was there to tackle me in the mud. We had been fairly clean except for our legs butI got covered from head to toe in mud after my sister tackled me. I then thought Ben was way to clean and tried to tackle him but he ended up tackling me, but he still got dirty none the less. After all the team got to the top of the hill we slid down a HUGE water slide, ran down a hill and jumped into a huge mud pool. The pool was FREEZING and it smelt like cow poop, but it was fun none the less and we then finished the race. Even though the run kicked our butts, the worst part of the run was showering off. It was a super powerful ice cold shower (it was just snow melt off the mountains). We couldn't stay under for more than 5 seconds. Everyone was running in and out of the water. It was a very painful experience. Even though it was a painful run, it was the funnest thing ever and I recomend it to everyone. We walked through a good amount of it and we still beat plenty of people.
Here are some pictures of the run


  1. so fun. Part of me wants to do it next year the other part says I really don't like being cold / freezing so how do I get cleaned up at the end.

  2. you can pay $3 for a hot shower. but we are too cheap for that